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Silica, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Enzymes


Silica with organic acids and enzymes

Net weight: 28grams

*** USA Sales Only ***

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Silica strengthens cell walls Improves uptake of important microbes, nutrients, and water. Protects plants from fungal diseases. Creates a matrix for nutrients at the plant root. Promotes greener leaves and stronger stems to improve photosynthesis and increase yields. Protects plants from stress.

Certified Organic Ingredients indicated with*.

Application: Weekly Apply 1/2-1 teaspoon per gallon of water in for soil and foliar feeding. Foliar feed until 2 weeks into flower and continue with soil applications.

-Potassium Silicate*
-Psyllium Husk*
-Bamboo Extract*
-Bentonite Clay*
-Aquamin Icelandic Red Marine Algae*
-Fulvic Acid*
-Humic Acid*
-Amino Acid*
-Coconut Water*
-Brown Rice Protein*
-Alfalfa Juice*
-White Willow Extract

-Enzyme 132,000 U/g Cellulase,8,000 U/g Xylanse, 5,000 U/g Beta-Glucanase


Availability: 46 in stock