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OHN - Oriental Herbal Nutrients - Weekly Maintenance

Oriental Herbal Nutrients - OHN


OHN (Oriental Herbal Nutrients), Plant Juices, Microbes, Vinegar, Organic Enzymes, Acids and More

Net Weight 10 grams

** USA Sales Only **

Availability: 50 in stock

OHN - Oriental Herbal Nutrients - Weekly Maintenance

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OHN, Plant Juices, Microbes,Vinegar, Organic Acids and More

All of the weekly KNF Natural Farming Formulas put into one easy to use powder. Very potent 1/4 teaspoon per gallon

Application: 1/8 teaspoon per gallon per week in soil and foliar. Stop foliar after 2 weeks into flower and continue in soil through flower.

-Angelica Root Extract 

-Coconut Water*

-Amino Acid*

-Barley Malt*

-Licorice Root Extract*

-Yucca Extract

-Fulvic Acid*

-Panela Molasses*

-Apple Cider Vinegar  

-Aloe 200x*

-Nopal Powder*

-Humic Acid*

-Seaweed Extract*

-Sweet Potato*

-Chickpea Flour*

-Astaxanthin Extract*

-Aquamin Red Marine Algae*

-Alfalfa Juice* 

-Beet Juice* 

-Wheat Grass Juice* 

-Barley Grass Juice* 

-Celery Juice*


-Chlorella Cracked Cell*

-Nutritional Yeast Extract*

-Bamboo Extract*

-Papaya Fruit* 



-Bentonite Clay*

-Mango Juice*

-Elder Berry Juice*

-Cranberry Juice*



-Brown Sugar*


-Cucumber Extract*

-Potato Starch*

-Black Carrot*

-Reishi Mushroom Extract*

-Cordyceps Mushroom Extract*

-Oyster Mushroom Extract* 

-Shiitake Mushroom Extract* 

-Lions Mane Mushroom Extract* 

-Turkeytail Mushroom Extract* 

-Maitake Mushroom Extract*

-Chaga Mushroom Extract*

-Dandelion Root Extract

-Chamomile Extract

-Grape Skin* 



-White Willow Bark Extract

-Grape Seed* 

-Noni Extract*

-Olive Oil Extract* 

-Olive Leaf Extract*

-Olive Extract*

-Co2, Alocohol and Water Tumeric Extract* 

-Alcohol and Water Ginger Extract* 

-Euglena  Gracilis Algae Extract* 

-Ginseng Extract*


-Volcanic Rock Ash*


Alpha Amylase (231 mg) 23,100 FCC DU
• Fungal protease (155 mg) 77,500 FCC HUT
• Invertase (50 mg) 1,000 FCC INVU
• HemiSeb® Blend contains:
• Xylanase (10 mg) 100 FCC XU
• Beta- Glucanase (10 mg) 35 FCC BGU
• Pectinase (10 mg) 10 Endo-PG
• Phytase (10 mg) 10 FCC FTU
• Lipase (30.1 mg) 3,010 FCC LU
• Glucoamylase (30 mg) 30 FCC AGU
• Alpha galactosidase (20 mg) 200 FCC GalU
• Diastase (13.33 mg) 2,000 FCC DP
• Lactase (10 mg) 1,000 FCC ALU
• Cellulase (4 mg) 400 FCC CU
• Pectinase (1 mg) 25 Endo-PG

-Citrus Bioflavinoid

-Bee Propolis

-Apple Stem Cell

-Grape Stem Cell

-Acai Berry Extract*


-White Willow Extract

-Black Pepper Extract

-Potassium Sulfate*

-Sea 90*


-Ferrous Sulfate*

-Zinc Sulfate*

-Manganese Sulfate*

-Nitrogen Fixing Microbes; Paenibacillus polymyxa*

-Phosphorus Solublilizing Bacteria,Bacillus megaterium*

-Lacto Bascillus Acidophalus


-Boric Acid*

Availability: 50 in stock